The Right Site Hosting For You

Are you aware that you can promote your business all over the world for a small investment? Have you been able to find out why the loyal clients of your brick and mortar store are dwindling? You might have been running a successful business through your brick & mortar store, and might have built up loyalty with your clients. However, why should your customers waste their time and energy visiting your store when they can access the goods sold by you or the services offered by you, when they can access the same from the comfort of their home via the internet? It is time you realised your mistake and launched a website to promote your business. You can easily retain your loyal clients by informing them through the phone about your online store, and gain new clients by properly implementing online and offline search engine optimisation on it.

Extra information about hosted desktop

Space related problems

Running your business online also provides you with the advantage of saving money by cutting down on unnecessary staff (like those required for daily maintenance), and saving money because of reduced power bills too. You can save money on hardware investment too by depending on one or more hosted desktop instead of purchasing or leasing several desktops, required to run an online portal efficiently. This allows you to store your data and applications on an online server that you and your staff can access from anywhere as long as they have an internet connected device. You can compare the hosted desktop with a normal desktop except for the fact that the former is hosted on a cloud based server. Unlike normal PCs, you have the freedom of increasing storage space and adding new programs as and when your business needs it.

Save money

You also get the opportunity to save money as most hosting companies that offer hosted desktop solutions include the operating system and other important software (like the Microsoft Office bundle) with the hosting cost. This can save you lots of money, especially if you have several individuals working for you, as you would have normally had to provide desktops to each of them. Not that you have understood the advantages offered by the hosted desktop, let us look at different types of servers available and how to select one that meets your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

Start with a shared server

You should start your online store with a shared server. In such a scenario, the hosting company uses a single server to host several websites. You do not have to worry about security threats, as the company hosting those sites sets up the server in such a way that the space allotted to one website remains isolated from the others. This is the cheapest hosting plan available and helps you cut down on your website running costs. However, you will have to compromise with disk space and bandwidth as the hosting company shares the bandwidth allocated to a particular server amongst the websites hosted on it. It is the same with storage space too, where the available disk space is shared between websites hosted on the shared server.

Dedicated server

You should switch over to a dedicated server once your business increases, and your online shop requires more disk space and a faster connection. In such a scenario, the entire storage space and the bandwidth of the server are allocated solely for your website. You have the option of purchasing more storage space, RAM, and bandwidth when your business requires it. You also save money required to purchase domain name, website designing, and search engine optimisation as most companies offer these services free when you hire a dedicated server.